At PMAL, we look at learning as an individual act that is unique to each person. We strive to find ways through which each student learns and then teach to those strengths while building skills to overcome specific weaknesses.

We create a safe, fun environment for students to sharpen their skills and develop new learning and studying techniques so that school can be productive and satisfying. We believe that every child has the capacity to be a successful, lifelong learner confident in their ability to problem solve and express themselves.

Tutoring areas include:

  1. Math (elementary math instruction through high school calculus)
  2. Writing (beginning writing and mechanics to analytical writing for college)
  3. Reading (reading readiness and decoding to advanced critical reading strategies)
  4. Academic Courses (social studies (including AP US History), general science, chemistry, biology, and earth science)
  5. Executive Function Coaching (time management, organization, study skills, test taking strategies)
  6. College Preparation (SAT prep classes and college essay preparation)

PMAL has excellent working relationships with many of the peninsula schools. Please contact our office if you feel your child could use extra support during the school day on campus.

If school work is causing stress and anxiety for you and/or your child, individual tutoring might help. Tutoring can be used as a one-time pinpoint intervention or as ongoing support for those who struggle in the classroom. We are here to help.

Contact Chris for more information.

Amy GrantLead Tutor: Amy Grant

Amy was introduced to multi-sensory approaches to teaching and learning during her MFA training at Eastern Michigan University. Since that time, she has gone on to deeply examine and study many educational approaches including:

  • Executive function coaching;
  • Response to Intervention;
  • Orton-Gillingham method of teaching reading;
  • Conceptual modeling;
  • Mnemonic device training;
  • Computer technology;

and methods of teaching gifted and talented students in and out of the classroom. She believes that to be an effective tutor one must have many tools in her toolbox, have a flexible approach to teaching, and have empathy for every student.

  • What people say about us

    “The wonderful thing about Amy is that she has the ability to tutor the whole child. Not only can she tutor kids academically in every subject area but she builds up their confidence and shows them how to succeed in school...and ultimately in life.” —Samantha Politte, parent

    “Amy is an intentional learner and thinker herself, so she understands the thinking and learning that teachers want students to achieve in the classroom. She treats each student as an individual learner and also treats each course as an individual course, helping students work specifically toward/with that teacher’s style and expectations.” —David Stearns, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, George Stevens Academy

    “Amy is patient, helpful, funny and, risking cliché, makes learning fun. The academic metamorphosis I experienced with Amy’s guidance shocked my parents, my teachers and myself.” —Susan Bell, current student

    “The Peninsula Metamorphic Arts and Learning (PMAL) has been an invaluable supplement in providing services for students with special needs within our district. Amy Grant has provided exemplar services around addressing Executive Functioning deficits. I would recommend without reservation services provided by PMAL. We are most pleased to be partnering with this organization.” —Dr. Owen J. Logue, SU #76, Former Director of Student Services