Who We Are

We are change makers.

PMAL, Inc. is a transformative resource for the Blue Hill Peninsula and beyond, fostering creative, academic, and leadership growth.

We offer consulting, workshops, and individual learning opportunities, as well as, space to showcase work for public view through performances, previews, and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Amy Grant, MFA

Chris Muise and Amy GrantChris and I founded Peninsula Metamorphic Arts and Learning, Inc. in 2006. In order to combine my two great loves, learning and theatre. The company has grown and morphed over its five-year life. It has taken its new raw materials for growth from the experience and knowledge of its founders.

As a seventeen year old I moved from my home in Mississippi to Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific, in Victoria, British Columbia. The two years that I spent living on Pedder Bay surrounded by two hundred students from 80 different countries altered the trajectory of my life. My undergraduate degree in anthropology from the University of Washington was inspired by my time at Pearson College.

Using my interests in other cultures as a launch, I turned my academic interests to theatre and children for my graduate work. It was during my years of MFA work in Drama and Theatre for the young that I was first in the classroom. There I began to experience the power of arts-integrated learning and to understand the wealth that brain-based research has to offer the academic world.

My own learning and experience has continued in the areas of learning styles, brain-based research, standards based education, alternative teaching and learning methods and arts integrated curriculum. I work often with a pediatric neuropsychologist consultant to learn and implement research methods of intervention for various learning difficulties and focus issues.

I am an avid learner and am truly excited to pass along my passion to others.

Chris Muise, BA

I am the management and organization behind PMAL and came to this project after 10 years as a wooden yacht carpenter in Brooklin, ME. While PMAL, on the surface, is embedded with Amy’s passions, it is also built on mine.

From childhood in Nova Scotia, I have had two loves of my owncarpentry and community. These two passions combined for two early achievements, a rise to the rank of Eagle Scout in the BSA, and my undergraduate work in Technical Theatre Design and Management. I was fortunate to be able to study theatre in three different countries: at Keene State College in NH, at York University in Toronto, and at Goldsmith’s college in London, UK.

As a young man I headed with excitement into the work force in Toronto where I was eager to put my skills to use. While in Toronto, I worked with touring theatrical productions, built scenery for films, television, and theatre, and took part in many late night light hangs and focusing sessions at several of the cities thriving theatres. This theatrical work culminated to a position as the lead rigging installer for one of the cities leading theatrical construction firms.

My desire for a smaller, more intimate community led me to Blue Hill in the spring of 2000. Here I found beauty and art in the construction of wooden yachts and made my way into the world of sailing on the coast of Maine. Here on the Blue Hill peninsula, I found the community I had been wishing for.

Today I am able to combine my love of carpentry and community in my role as the Building and Business Manager of PMAL, every day I get to walk into this beautiful timber frame building created by myself and many others right here from our community. I truly enjoy being witness to the educational opportunities that PMAL continues to bring to the young and old of our community.